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Hello from your friendly neighborhood blogger!

Blog owner Shani (she/her) here. Welcome to Bmore Writer Girl, a blog on a little of everything: movies, mental health, Marvel, and other topics that don’t start with “M!”

Writing is my favorite thing in the world, my passion. It’s how I express myself, unload my brain of excessive thoughts (#anxietylife), advocate for issues and groups, and share my thoughts on the world. Honestly, I’m a better writer than speaker – I’ve been known to trip over my words while speaking since my brain works faster than my mouth, but give me a keyboard and I’m set!

I am a major advocate for mental health, which has become a major focus of many blog posts. As someone who has ridden the insane rollercoaster ride of mental illnesses for most of her life, I believe it’s important to help educate others and end the stigma about mental health.

Bmore Writer Girl is the result of a three-year long writing journey, kicked off when I created a website for a college class. I had considered starting a music blog for a while, so I took the leap and began Shani’s Ideas, where I shared my love of music through reviews, New Music Tuesdays, and more. Shani’s Ideas ran for 2 years before college swallowed too much time to keep up.

Things I love (other than writing):

Books (I’m a massive bookworm), Harry Potter, musical theater, movies, and most recently, bullet journalling – I’m OBSESSED.

Favorite book series:

Percy Jackson, The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, and Six of Crows.

What else have I done?

I’ve also written for my college’s chapter of the online publication Odyssey, where I also served as my team’s president for a year (all my Odyssey content has been republished to here). On the more professional side, in summer 2019 I worked as a staff writer and social media co-manager for the Baltimore Jewish Times, and run a personal website for my more professional writings.

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