Screenshot from the "La Vie Boheme" song/scene in the movie musical "Rent," with the main cast standing on a long table (Idina Menzel as Maureen, Tracie Thoms as Joanne, Anthony Rapp as Mark, Adam Pascal as Roger, Rosario Dawson as Mimi, Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Angel, Jesse L. Martin as Collins)

The Ultimate Angsty Broadway Playlist for When You’re Good and Pissed

You know that feeling when you’re good and angry? And all you want to do is listen to music that has that perfect angsty sound that represents exactly how you’re feeling inside? Look no further, because these showtunes are angry, energetic, and headbanging-worthy (well, some of them are).

*You can find this playlist on Spotify!

1. “Stick It to the Man” — School of Rock: The Musical

2. “Angry Inch” — Hedwig and the Angry Inch

3. “Rent” — Rent

4. “I’d Rather Be Me” — Mean Girls

5. “In” — Carrie: the Musical

6. “Totally Fucked” — Spring Awakening

7. “The Bitch of Living” — Spring Awakening

8. “Candy Store” — Heathers: the Musical

You can also watch the Off-Broadway performance of this number here.

9. “You Don’t Know” — Next to Normal

10. “Dead Girl Walking” — Heathers: the Musical

11. “Letterbomb” — American Idiot: the Musical

12. “The World Will Know” — Newsies

And in case you didn’t know, the full musical is available on Netflix!

13. “And Then There Were None” — Spring Awakening

14. “Too Much Too Soon” — American Idiot: the Musical

15. “Tear Me Down” — Hedwig and the Angry Inch

16. “La Vie Boheme” — Rent

17. “Build a Wall” — Shrek: the Musical

The full musical is available on Netflix!

18. “Burn” — Hamilton: An American Musical

19. “American Idiot” — American Idiot: the Musical

20. “I Hate Myself for Loving You/Heat of the Moment” — Rock of Ages

21. “Cell Block Tango” — Chicago

22. “Holiday” — American Idiot: the Musical

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