11 Reasons To Be More Like Fiona Gallagher

Fiona Gallagher is by far one of the best characters on the Showtime series “Shameless.” Played by Emmy Rossum, Fiona is the mother-in-place at the Gallagher residence, since their mom is constantly MIA and Frank, their alcoholic dad, is constantly up to some crazy scheme and making everyone insane.

Fiona may come off as rough, but think of her this way: she’s a diamond in the rough. She goes through so much, undergoes so much pressure, and by the current season, Fiona is starting to evolve into that diamond. Not that she would ever forget the scrappy, take-no-prisoners person she is inside.

These are just a few reasons Fiona Gallagher is someone to look up to.

1. She doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Fiona doesn’t let people tear her down. Insults often mean nothing to her, because she understands that insults are just words. And she certainly doesn’t let anyone try to pull the wool over her eyes.

2. She’s confident as hell.

Fiona walks around with her head held high and a purpose to each step. She dances like no one else is there and gives no cares about what people think of her. And she’s not afraid to go up to someone and say exactly what she thinks of them.

3. She’s always down for a good time with friends.

And she knows how to have a good time too!

4. She takes the challenges life throws at her by the horns.

Her mother is constantly M.I.A, so Fiona becomes the real Gallagher mom at age thirteen. When Fiona nearly loses custody of Liam after he accidentally inhales cocaine, she refuses to let that happen and does everything within her power to keep Liam. Frank is constantly up to the craziest endeavors, and Fiona navigates them like a pro while keeping her family together.

These are just a few of the numerous events that occur over the eight seasons of “Shameless,” and some of them are even worse. And Fiona gets her family through it all.

5. Her love for her family and friends is almost unbreakable.

One could argue the situation between Debby and Fiona when Debby accidentally becomes pregnant, but in the end, the two are getting along (for the most part). Otherwise, Fiona will fight tooth and nail against anyone who dares to even brush against her family and friends. None of them are normal and every one of them is dysfunctional in some way, but she loves them as they are.

6. She’s independent…

Fiona knows how to get things done on her own.

7. …But she also knows how to ask for help when she needs it.

Albeit after a long period of being extremely stubborn that she’s fine on her own, Fiona can (eventually) recognize when a situation requires the help of others. She may put up a bit of a fight when someone tries to help with something Fiona thinks she can handle on her own, but ultimately, she knows allowing others to help is better than doing things alone.

8. She doesn’t let anyone tell her she can’t do something.

There is no telling Fiona “no” once she has her mind set on something.

9. She can admit when she’s wrong.

But she sure as hell won’t let you forget it when she’s right.

10. She understands the importance of investing in yourself.

While it takes Fiona some time (read: a few seasons) to start putting herself first at times rather than everyone else, she does eventually realize how important this is. She understands that you have to invest in yourself, especially if and when no one else will do the same.

11. She makes her own opportunities.

Fiona is not the kind of girl to sit back and let things just come to her. She becomes the manager and eventually the owner of Patsy’s, building it up from a little diner to something bigger and with more business. She buys the laundromat and completely overhauls the place. Fiona even becomes an apartment building landlord and deals with the insanity her drug-inhaling, rent-evading, and generally crazy tenants throw at her.

*Originally posted on Odyssey

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