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15 Things About ‘High School Musical 3’ That’ll Now Make You Go, ‘What?’

While recently babysitting, my kiddo decided to watch “High School Musical 3.” As I sat there, it struck me just how much the “High School Musical” series are the kind of movies that made perfect sense as a kid with no way of knowing otherwise, but you realize are super unrealistic once you’re older.

Am I thinking way too deep into some fluff high school movie? Most likely. But once you go back and watch this film, I can assure you the same thoughts will start bothering you, too.

1. How did a massive crowd of high school students have a loud party on Troy’s front lawn?

Neighbors would definitely have called the cops. Also no alcohol—and we all know how unrealistic that is.

2. Why does Troy still have that piece-of-junk truck?

If Troy’s parents can afford that massive nice house, they can get him a new car.

3. How does Eastern High have a full-on auto shop?

Are they a tech school? Because why else would a regular high school have a AUTO SHOP?? No normal high school has that, let alone the funds to have one of that size.

4. When Gabriella says, “I wish time could slow down.”

I literally laughed out loud at this. Gabriella is the most naive character in this series and it gets annoying after a while. Also, this is high school…just you wait.

5. How on earth did Troy and Gabriella actually think they could last in college?

First off, these two go through so many ups and downs in high school alone. That wouldn’t work in college, especially when they don’t see each other every day. Not to mention, Gabriella was ready to call it quits after TWO WEEKS of being apart. That doesn’t exactly exude confidence in the relationship.

6. Is it really likely Juilliard would nominate four kids from one school for a scholarship?

Juilliard is one of the most prestigious and competitive arts schools. Maybe this occurrence is more likely than I realize, but something about it reeks of an “only in the movies” coincidence.

7. How did Troy get into the school for “Scream?”

All doors, both external and internal get locked at night. So how does Troy manage to not only enter the building at night, but wander around the entire building unhindered?

8. How is Sharpay is the only somewhat realistic character?

I knew two kinds of kids like Sharpay in high school. One was the popular rich kids who always got their way and had everything given to them. The other was the arts kid who got every lead role because they were considered the most talented in the school. Sharpay melds both together, and would have double the rude awakening in college. These are the kids who are shocked when no one cares who they are, won’t listen to them, and certainly don’t treat them the same. Not to mention, realizing there’s many people out there who are WAY more talented than herself.

9. Why is there a British girl observing a high school department in New Mexico?

You’d think a kid like that would go to New York or something, but nah let’s send her to New Mexico of all places, to a school with a theater CLUB and not an actual department.

10. How on earth is Ryan straight??

The creators give Ryan all these extremely stereotypically gay character traits…and then keep him straight? It just doesn’t add up.

11. How is Ryan not bullied?

Popularity by association be damned. With the way Ryan dresses, acts, and participates in theater, realistically, he’d have the crap bullied out of him.

12. How did Troy’s car last to Stanford?

It’s repeatedly established that Troy’s car is a piece of crap. There is no way a car like that could survive a nearly 16-hour drive from New Mexico to California, let alone back to New Mexico.

13. Did the writers ever actually see a show?

No audience gives a standing ovation with loud cheering after every single number, especially not at a high school show.

14. How convenient that Juilliard decides to award a second scholarship.

Can you say “movie convenience?”

15. Why is Ryan given a scholarship to Julliard?!

He’s rich and could easily afford the tuition. The only thing the scholarship would mean to him is a confirmed spot at Juilliard. Talk about unfair and absolutely ridiculous.

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