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20 Relatable Tumblr Posts For Bookworms

As an avid book reader and Tumblr user, it’s always satisfying to find those posts that perfectly encapsulate some aspect of being a bookworm. It’s a little reminder that someone out there understands the glories and excitement of reading, and shares in your experience.

1. Nerdy girls everywhere demand accurate representation.

Tumblr post from @thelumpyconglomerate reading: "Why do movies show "nerdy girls" as carrying a billion books, and then portray them as physically weak? If a girl can carry the Harry Potter series, the LOTR trilogy, and all of her textbooks then she can probably life the protagonist football star and throw him across the football field"

2. I either book binge or take forever to pick one back up.

Tumblr post reading: 
(@beautiful-bibliophile:) I either finish a book and have the next one propped over and ready to go or I wait 27 years and two wars before I start the next one. There is no in between.
(@book-hooker:) That is a 100% accurate description of my reading methods

3. Now this is an awards show I’d happily watch!

Tumblr post reading: "Why don't they have big hyped-up award shows for books? I mean, best male/female character, best antagonist, best plot development, best plot twist. Come on. #book you threw across the room the hardest"

4. Someone alert Hollywood to this genius idea…and pray they don’t mess it up.

Tumblr post reading: "I don't get why book series are made into movies and not tv shows??? one chapter = one episode, one book = one season. It just makes a lot more sense."

5. A book is best enjoyed when you’re using your own imagination, not the movie cast.

Tumblr post reading: "When I say I want to read the book before the movie, I don't want brownie points or bragging rights. I want to be able to read the book with my imagined world and idea of the characters without the movie's influence at least once. After you see the movie there's always some part of it that sticks in your head for a long time and you lose the enjoyment of making it up yourself."


Tumblr post reading: (User 1) "Imagine this magical book that the instant you touched it, it can sense what book you need at the moment and it becomes that book? NO MORE READING SLUMPS." (User 2:) The Book of Requirement"

7. Books may not be the best place to turn for flirting tips.

Tumblr post reading:

For someone who reads an awful lot of books which often include some romance, I have absolutely no idea how to flirt.
Me: *sees cute boy*
Me: "You wanna go overthrow the government or something? Hunt some demons? Kill your evil, genocidal father that destroyed my country?"

8. One of the biggest “wait, what?” moments of reading.

Tumblr post reading: "Am I the only one who hates when you've been reading a book and then you suddenly find out like 30 chapters in that a character has a different hair color or skin color or is a different age than you've been imagining."

9. Sometimes the best books will rip your heart in pieces.

Tumblr post reading: 
Me: This book brutally ripped out my heart and tore it to shreds then stomped it into the ground as i drowned in a sea of my tears and basked in eternal sorrow.
Me: here read it

10. Oops…except not really #noregrets

Tumblr post reading: (User 1:) I accidentally read for 11 hours. (User 2:) "accidentally"

11. Thank god some authors put pronunciation keys in the back.

Tumblr post reading: 
(User 1:) Are you ever just reading a book and you come across a word that you don't know how to pronounce so you just go afkjhsdf in your head.
(User 2:) When it's someone's name and you have to keep doing that for the rest of the book
(User 3:) When you have to actually say it out loud to someone and you just kind of get quieter as you say it.

12. DON’T DO THE THING…dammit they did the thing….

Tumblr post reading: "Do you ever get to a part of the book where you get so angry with the main character because he just did something you specifically asked him not to do and now you're going to have to sit there and watch as he tries to deal with all of the problems that his mistake brought about when, if he had just listened to you in the first place, it would have all been fine?"

13. Minor characters are just as lovable as main characters.

Tumblr post reading: "Having your favorite character be a minor character is like being a proud mother at a school play and cheering every time your kid comes on stage even though they're playin the part of tree #3"

14. Books are the best kind of addiction…and an expensive one.

Tumblr post reading: "My dad was complaining about buying me books yesterday and I said 'well at least it's books' and then the cashier goes 'yeah it could be drugs'

15. Prepare to have your ears chatted off or be totally ignored. There is no in-between.

Tumblr post reading: "if u ask me what book i'm reading I'll either go into a long winded and enthusiastic summary of the entire thing or just lift the book to show u the title and keep reading."

16. Fictional characters are just as real to us as human beings.

Text post reading "Person: They're just fictional characters." "Me: And you're just a sack of blood what's your point."

17. Everything needs to be worked out or I may cry.

Tumblr post reading: "when your book is almost over and there's too many problems that need to be solved and you just have a mini panic attack like" and an image of a woman saying "Okay, it's not looking great"

18. We’re 100% ready to bring our future kids into the Harry Potter fandom.

Tumblr post reading: (User 1:) "If I have kids, when my child is 11 I'm going to give them their Hogwarts letter that says that unfortunately the class is full but instead they get to go to Harry Potter Wizarding World on September 1st and I will take them and give them a sorting ceremony and robes and whatever they want cause that's all I've ever wanted so that's what they deserve." (User 2:) "And you would be the greatest parent ever"

19. Books are endlessly amazing wonders.

Tumblr post reading: "I will never cease to be amazed by books. Seriously. Just think about it: thousands of people read the same book but in each one's mind the characters look different and the setting changes and we're all reading the same thing but it's so unique to each of us. That is insanely cool."

20. Getting swept up in a book is easily the best feeling ever.

Tumblr post reading: "I love that feeling you get when you don't remember that you're reading. When you're so captured by a book that you forget that you're reading the words. All you see is the descriptions and conversations that begin to play out like a movie in your head. You don't even think about it. Then before you know it, you've read 100 pages without realizing it. That's probably the best feeling in the world."

*Originally posted on Odyssey

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