If Marvel Characters Were College Majors

In case you (somehow) haven’t heard, Marvel is releasing their biggest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this May: “Avengers: Infinity War.” After 18 films and 10 years, all – and I do mean “all” – your favorite superheroes are coming together to fight the ominous Thanos as he works to get all six Infinity Stones.

As a big Marvel fan, I’m extremely excited to finally see everyone together. And as a college student, I started wondering what each character would be if they were college majors. So I started brainstorming…and here are the results!

History – Captain America

Engineering – Iron Man

Biology/Biochemistry – The Hulk

Astronomy – Thor

Political Science – Black Widow

Health Sciences – Hawkeye

Physics – Doctor Strange

Music – Star-Lord

African Studies – Black Panther

Mass Communications/Journalism – Spider-Man

Psychology – Vision

Theater – Deadpool

(So Deadpool isn’t in the MCU, but he’s my favorite…and I saw this match in a similar article, and it was too funny to not include!)

Business – Nick Fury

*Originally posted to Odyssey

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