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A Love Letter To Music, From The Girl You Saved

Dear Music,

You are a constant in everyone’s lives. You play over our earbuds, car speakers, from our various devices, and more. Be it rap, rock, pop, etc., you are heard all the time.

But to me, you are more than just background noise or the artists to get excited over. Over the years, you became so much more than that.

You became my savior.

When I was in middle school and struggling both socially and identity-wise, you appeared in my life. I had always been listening to music as my parents are big music people, but everything changed in eighth grade.

It took, of all things, the Disney Channel movie “Lemonade Mouth” to change my general feelings towards music. Hearing relatable songs with accurate descriptions of being alone, awkward, and wishing to be something more hit home and awoke something inside.

From that moment on, you were the first thing that wasn’t a book that I showed interest in. You also became the first thing I always turned to when things went to shit.

When high school began and my best friend suddenly dropped me, you soothed my confused, hurt heart. When my depression worsened throughout high school, you helped to block out the negative noise and slow down my thoughts; listening to you allowed me to calm down and remember to breathe.

You became my only way of healing, especially in my sophomore and senior year when things got particularly bad. I even made a playlist filled with special songs that I still use today that can heal me at my worst. In the insanity of college, you help get through every day and focus on the work.

You led me to do musical theater, which provided a seemingly endless catalog of music that I could relate to and love. I went to college to learn how to create music that could help others like you had me. And while that didn’t work out (because apparently you need a knack that I simply lack), getting that behind-the-scenes look enhanced my appreciation and love for you. I started a music blog where I could write all my feelings about you to share with others who love you as much as I do.

There are very few things that have so significantly changed my life, but you have.

You showed me a way to heal even in the worst times that didn’t involve self-harm (and thankfully, that was never something I felt compelled to do). I learned to love and accept myself as I am with you, because you taught me that I was never alone.

You helped me survive years of social struggles, wishes to be someone else, and mental health issues. You introduced me to amazing musicians whose music has saved me over and over, and given me concert experiences with friends and family that I’ll never forget.

Between the artists you introduced me to and the theater world you led me into, I now have something to easily form connections with others over, making social interaction significantly easier.

Because I did theater, you gave me a group of friends right when I needed it, and while I am no longer friends with them, they were a big part of my life for several years. Giving me theater gave me a place to learn to love myself, gain confidence, and make friends with people I otherwise would never meet. You are how I met my amazing boyfriend of a little over two years, who has changed my life as much as you.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me, and all you will continue to do.


The Girl You Saved


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